Saturday, January 14, 2012

tl; dr I'm outta here!

Hmm there's always an end to everything. Even a great journey has to come to an end. I will really remembered the time that we had here, all the joy and the good talk. However, as we're getting matured we need to move on, which is why is the content of this blog. I'm out.

Well, not to worry really. I am not moving out or something. Contradict to what I said huh? I will move my blog to my better looking and better name website, which is I hope that I really can grow even more mature there, in the aspect of physically, mentally, spiritually. Whether it's just a brainfart or intelligent idea, sorrow or joy, tears and laughter, the dark side or the force.

Well to those who linked me somehow, or not. Please link me to my new site, and hope we all can have fun there. Or if not I'll be like the meme below...

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