Monday, August 8, 2011

Kinda depressed... but not really...

Today I almost bawled like a little crybaby. I missed my grandparents so much, but now they laid sick on their bed. My grandpa still with the disability, and now my grandma got stomach infection and cause her unable to talk. I really missed the times when they brought me to their farm, and had vacation in their little village. I missed the times when they were strong enough to do some farming and even nag at me. I missed the times when they always exaggerately concern about my well being.

Sometimes I kinda hate the fact that I'm growing up. Need to worry about bill, need to worry about your future, and grandparents are getting weaker every day. But I believe it's part of His great plan. May His will be done, and I believe He will grant strength for thos who wait on Him. Ahh, I really miss my childhood...

P.S: Please pray for my grandparents to those who read this. Thanks :)

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