Monday, May 9, 2011

Moving On notes (or err tips?)

There are two kinds of people. The first kind is the one who's able to move on easily, and the other one is the one that is hardly to move on. (Un)Fortunately, I am in the second kind of people. Well It might looks bad for some people cause you may dwell too much in it. But for me it's quite fun to be in this second category, cause you will try your best to overcome it. And I believe people who try and overcame it are the true victors rather than those who don't try.

Anyway, I came up with some kind of list for you to move on happily (especially from a certain person)

1. Keep yourself occupied.

People tend to dwell on their past is because they have a free time to think about their past. If you keep yourself occupied, there will be no time for you to think about some petty problem. And of course keeping yourself occupied with what you like is better and enjoyable. Remember, don't go find some escape route to the wrong way, like smoking, drinking excessively or any kind bad habits. If you don't know what to do, try sports, it's good for your health. Or maybe learn something to improve yourself, like music or cooking. You can also make some new friends or do activity with your old friends. Or if all else failed, do chores! haha

2. Shut the door of hope, tightly!

Hope is a good thing. But putting hope on a wrong thing is a total mistake. For example, It's wrong to put hope on cow to lay eggs (*gasp* It might be possible in nowadays technology, well namsayin). This step is particularly hard for me, because as a Christian, I have full of hope :D If you're moving on from someone, sometimes the door of hope creak open when this certain someone talk to you really nicely. Before continuing, I just wanna say that, do whatever you can, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. If this person really doesn't like you, don't try too hard, you might embarrass yourself. Don't think there's special meaning behind puny polite talk. Take it easy, and keep it simple.

3. Abandon all things related to this person.

For crying out loud, if you really want to move on, stop cyber-stalk them! Well some people try to move on, but they still want to read their blog, stalk on their facebook, and keep track of feed of their twitter. Stop it! You might get hurt just from a certain digital form (which is apparently only 1 and 0) that said they are in their new relationship or other hurtful things. I'm NOT saying to unfriend, unfollow, or un*fill in yourself* them. Just don't purposely stalk them. And, if you possess something from this person, keep them in the box. Throw it away if you want, but I suggest you to keep it as collection, but remember, keep it out of your sight. There is also extreme way of doing this step, it is to move out!

4. Prayer and Sharing.

The most effective way. After all there's a duration of time for every people to move on completely. Prayer is the most powerful weapon, it gives you hope and future. And it gives you comfort and peace (What everyone wants). And of course do share your problem to your best buddy or mate. They might help you with some way that is not featured here. And they might pray for you too.

So that's all folks. Frankly, I am not a moving on experts as well, cause I still have a hard times to move on completely, from certain someone *sigh* but hey I did it once last 2 years so I believe I can do it again *cross fingers*. As Spock has always said, Live long and Prosper. And I conclude with, Stay safe and blessed!

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