Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some pretty awesome week

Hi Folks! It's been a while since I wrote something. You know, my usual opening. But that is true. Writing doesn't interest me anymore these days. But writing blog is indeed awesome I should say. Penning out your thoughts, your gladness, your misery, and all the things that's been happening to you with or without expecting of someone would read it. Anyway, since there's no interesting stuff happening around me it makes me a sloth for writing blog.

Here goes. This week is quite interesting for me. The tees' design that is meant for fund raising for mission trip can be materialized soon. Kelvin Lee and I met the supplier of the t-shirt for a couple of times, and the office is really cool, I should say. It's like creative business (which it is) kind of office. Too bad the boss is apparently difficult person. It's pretty difficult to ask him to trim the length *sigh*. But In the end we managed to convince him.

And yeah, I managed to tell the thing to her subtly. I don't know if she got "the message" or not. And probably she won't be reading this too..haha.. Which I have mixed feelings whether or not she should be reading this (Hope you got "the message" I sent you. Yes, you.)

BTW, It's been a pretty good week in average. Hanged out with peeps while indulging into the smoothness of free Baskin Robbins Ice cream. And had an awesome worship practice too. I really love Worship practice, since it's practically jamming and serving God merged into one. Which is totally awesome.

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