Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ZoukOut Weekend!

My friends and I won some video competition by Zouk + MTV, and the prize was awesome! We got free flights, free hotel stay at Resorts World, free party at Zouk and free ZoukOut pass with VIP Tag. Here's the video mentioned.

The hotel was super awesome. And we got some freebies too. Lots of drinks! Thank God I didn't use up all the free drinks. Thus I was sober until the party ends in the morning.

The highlight of the night is taking picture with VJ Holly. Remember my celebrity crush I mentioned in my entry last time. I couldn't get her cute face outta my mind. She was really cute with her dress and tattoos.

It makes me want to have tattoo as well. I was looking to some tattoo design, and this design captured my mind.

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