Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paramore Live in KL

Howdy folks! It's been a long time since my last entry on my blog. Nowadays, I've been working, so It's not as free as I was last time, one-subject university student (read: lazy bum). I just want to share about how awesome Paramore concert was. And I almost couldn't make to the concert because of certain stuff.

They are one of my favorite bands of all time. Therefore, I've been saving some of my lunch-money so that I can go to the most front zone. It's sofreakin expensive. Not the ticket for my level. But thank God, I made it.

However certain incident occurred. So I need to let go 40% of the money for greater good. *Sigh* Need to save for the money again. And the date was getting nearer and nearer. So I do what I need to do, find all the reserve money that I had. Thankfully, I have money in Rupiah currency in decent amount. So I go to one of the money changer in Shopping complex (read: Mydin MITC), and walk back to save money and for exercise.

Still It's not enough. I was very frustrated that time, and suddenly my Grannies called me, and told me that they want to send money. I really thank God, and I feel like running slowly in meadow full of flower while bursting in tears. And money checked :D

Still I am working, I have job that need to be done. Long story short, My boss allowed me to go, and he even gave me ride to KL. He's such a nice guy. Oh yeah, I got some cheaper ticket too. Whoohoo!

In the end, I made it. The concert was really awesome. My friends (Jhoni, Immanuel, and Kenneth Mah) and I sneaked to the backstage (too bad they've left :( ), and take everything that we can take. We met one of the Paramore soundmen, his name is Riley and he gave us pick

We got their towel and pick. Even the towel was on the ground, we still took it. It was an awesome day. When I got home, I got some surprise. I got Google ads voucher worth RM 150. Dunno what to do with it though. I really thank God for all the things that happened! Teehee~

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