Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sllrrrrpp! Ajisen Ramen!

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to try out Ajisen Ramen in Aeon Jusco. According to my friend, it's quite famous and quite nice even though they haven't tried it. When I scan through the price list outside, I noticed that this is the place that is definitely not for student to take their daily meals. It ranges from 12 to 20 something Malaysian Ringgit. Well, It was for the first time for me, so I went in with my couple friends (Amel & Foogie).

The Menu!

When I went in, I noticed that the place is really cozy, with Japanese like surrounding. The waiters used simple Japanese words to welcome us. Even the music they played when I was there are Japanese Pop and Rock. Some of the songs are featured in Anime. *Woots for the otakus!

The Restaurant!

I ordered Volcano Ramen with 5 out of five level of hotness. I was wondering whether the food is going to be really spicy. And it's not really spicy. It's just in my convenient level of spiciness. If you can stand spicy food, this ramen is recommended.

The Ramen!

After I finished the bowl, the spiciness still remained in my mouth. The cost of the ramen with drink is around RM22.5. It's expensive for poor student like me. In my opininion, It's better to go to buffet rather than this ramen stall, since they cost the same. But if you sick of normal noodles, just try this out for once in a while.

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