Friday, April 9, 2010

Todopoderoso Julio (read: Almighty Julio)

Hola a todos, conocer a Julio. If you can't recall, Julio is one of my housemates in a shape of a dog. Last time, I blogged about how naughty and messy he is. But as a living creature, he got matured. And now, he is very neat and has a good attitude. met Julio?

Now, his age is one year plus. He's no longer eating my slippers and my plastic cup. And the very best thing is, he's no longer pooping everywhere, he usually does it outside the house. And he's very smart too. He likes to sleep in front of either my housemates' room or mine.

Julio in front of my room

The sad thing is, I've never walked him. I would like to do it one day. It would be a good thing if my housemate teach him how to play basketball, just like in Air Bud movie.