Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Gifts!!!

Woohoo, I am so glad after came back from Christmas party! Even though I like last year food better. I like Christmas party this year more, because I got Christmas gifts this year. Here ya go, these are the gifts.

1. A Pen from my CG Leader James Chong. I really need pen. I never use pen in class since my Beta year..haha... Thank You James! =D

2. Christmas Card from Jou Chean. I really appreciate this, especially all the written notes inside. It's been a while since I got my last Christmas card.hehe.. Thank You Jou Chean! =D

3. A Christmas tree decoration from Sylvester & YiLing. I never get this kind of gift before. I'll treasure this. Thank You Sylvester & YiLing! =D

4. Three peanut cookies with chocochips inside from Sha & YiKheng. Those are really awesome cookies. I bet those are homemade. Too bad, I cannot get the picture of the cookies because I finished all of them.hehe. That's the picture of the Christmas Note on the cookies. Thank You Elisha & YiKheng! =D

5. A Ferrero Rocher and a Chupa Chups from Elvina and Elysia. Those are my favourites chocolate and lollipop. There's no real gift picture since there's nothing remained. That's the first thing I ate when I got home.hehe. Thank You Elvina & Elysia! =D

I really Thank God for these awesome brothers and sisters....

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