Saturday, November 21, 2009


Ah, I opened friendster just now, and found old picture. It makes me thinking about my old time.Without further ado, here ya go, the first picture.

This is high-school picture, I miss White-Grey uniform and my small class consists of 10 people. It's funny the guys consist of 8 people while the girls just two. What a balance huh?.*Sigh* Maybe I will bring my high-school uniform to wear in my Uni when I get back to Manado.

Foundation in IT, that's goooodd time, live a free life. Sleep in the morning wake up in da evening. In degree level is so different, you can't play around anymore. This is my first and only ISS (International Student Society) night by the way. Go International Student.haha.

It's better for me to get back to the present now.....LOL.