Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random goodies

At last, my mood to update my blog is back. But I'm not certainly sure that will be updating soon in the future. LOL. By the way, Buon Compleanno to mi padre. Even though it's yesterday, I really do want to extend my wish here. Hope you are always healthy and be blessed always. I really wish that I could join the soirée that my family could have, not stuck here writing blog on my pitiful lappie. Oh well, this is what french say, c'est la vie. (Sorry for having 4 European languages right at beginning =P)

Happy 41st birthday Dad!

It's very unsuitable for a nocturnal creature, like me, to have free time on day time. Since I can't get fired up to do all the assignment especially to do 'the 3-dreadful-letter-you-know-what'. However, it's quite fun though to have all the activities packed in night (which are aCt practice and class). It's fun to be in aCt practice after all, though sometimes it's quite tiring to have it in the night time. Nevertheless, I'm so excited for the coming aCt3 "Run Isaac!", hope y'all come and witness it.ROFL.

Do come and witness it =P

Arghh, it's better for me to stop procrastinating and start doing 'the 3-dreadful-letter-you-know-what'.

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