Thursday, November 19, 2009

Disadvantages of being Introvert

As you all know, I am an introvert guy. Even though I am not that introvert, I still classified myself as introvert. In my opinion, all extrovert people out there have an upper hand, because they can do anything they want, and have so many friends.*sigh*. Before move on to the disadvantages point by point, let me introduce you the main cast for the sketch represent each points.*drum rolls*. Ta - Da.

They are twins by the way. Both of them are nice guy, but they are oxymoron to each other. Their personality is 180 degrees different. Okay, enough crap. This is the first disadvantages for being introvert.

1. Couldn't express their true preference

They just follow what others decide for them, because they easily go uneasy.LOL. Whereas, the extrovert guy seems so free to express their true preference or intention. Introvert guy usually okay with anything, though this leads to dishonesty.

2. Looks Arrogant

When people greet the introvert guy, especially not so close people, it's quite rare for them to reply the greeting unless they are really close or they are sure, that person greets them. The person may think that this introvert guy is really arrogant, which in reality he is really shy, and afraid to be embarassed.LOL

3. Being Awkward in front of girl he likes

Most of the extrovert guys usually have been dated for numbers of times, whereas most of the introvert guys have been dated just once or never in their lifetime. This is because they feel awkward in front of the girl they like, that leaves bad impressions to that girl.

Those are the disadvantages of being introvert guy based on own experience. Hope you gained knowledge. Ya Ha!


  1. looool.. yang terakhir lucu banget dah! curcol (curhat colongan) nih beb? heee... :D