Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Are you really truly worthy Apple Customer??

Yes, this is a challenge to y'all Apple Users. You can take this challenge even though you just have their "cheapest" product, iPod shuffle. Let see if your precious money that has been wasted to that company has an effect to your eyesight. Recently, Steve Job just announce the newest "iPhone 3G I" that ONLY can be seen to his loyal customer. Check out the picture.

Steve Job, exhibiting his new Gadget

I'm not sure if he is insane or just want to crack classy jokes with his admirers. However, he really did the announcement officially on San Fransisco. They claimed that this iPhone is light as air. But still, the so called Mac Book Air is not as light as Air.

Testing iPhone 3G I. I = Imaginary

I admit that Apple is a company who breaks boundary of technology, but to announce this, is just like tricking a little kid, who is not even a kid anymore. In other word, useless. So here are the questions. Are they kidding? or Am I really not able to see this thing? Can you see this "iPhone 3G I"? If you have time just leave the answer on comment-box below, or shout-out-box on the left.

Insane Crowd

In my opinion, Apple has still got tricks that is hidden beneath their sleeves. They are respected company after all. They are indeed releasing some fresh stuff to our world. Wanna some fresh apple? (Source:The Onion)

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