Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ahoy mateys, bring me yer rum...yarrrrr....

This is a language selection on facebook. What I want to highlight is the new division in English. Apparently, there is a new English called Pirate. For you who haven't seen this, maybe you will think that the changes are gonna be minor, such as English (US) and English (UK). It just changes the "color" to "colour", and "center" to "centre" and so on. However, the English (Pirate) is totally different. Check out the glimpsed of it. Credit: Immanuel *Sorry mate =P

And yes, it reminds me of pirate of the carribean movies. So yeah, if you are into pirate and stuff, go ahead try this language, it might be really interesting for you. For me personally, it's quite complicated. I need more knowledge about pirate phrase and term to use this language.

BTW FYI 4 POTC Fans, there will be a sequel after the third movie. So be prepared mateys, Cap'n Jack sparrow are going to be on board again. Ahoyy, bring me yer rum...yarrrrr....


  1. no credit given to me, eh? lol

  2. o iyaa nu, lupa bgt gw. Sorry bout that *Blog Edited

  3. 没关系
    didn't really matter ^^