Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Are you really truly worthy Apple Customer??

Yes, this is a challenge to y'all Apple Users. You can take this challenge even though you just have their "cheapest" product, iPod shuffle. Let see if your precious money that has been wasted to that company has an effect to your eyesight. Recently, Steve Job just announce the newest "iPhone 3G I" that ONLY can be seen to his loyal customer. Check out the picture.

Steve Job, exhibiting his new Gadget

I'm not sure if he is insane or just want to crack classy jokes with his admirers. However, he really did the announcement officially on San Fransisco. They claimed that this iPhone is light as air. But still, the so called Mac Book Air is not as light as Air.

Testing iPhone 3G I. I = Imaginary

I admit that Apple is a company who breaks boundary of technology, but to announce this, is just like tricking a little kid, who is not even a kid anymore. In other word, useless. So here are the questions. Are they kidding? or Am I really not able to see this thing? Can you see this "iPhone 3G I"? If you have time just leave the answer on comment-box below, or shout-out-box on the left.

Insane Crowd

In my opinion, Apple has still got tricks that is hidden beneath their sleeves. They are respected company after all. They are indeed releasing some fresh stuff to our world. Wanna some fresh apple? (Source:The Onion)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ahoy mateys, bring me yer rum...yarrrrr....

This is a language selection on facebook. What I want to highlight is the new division in English. Apparently, there is a new English called Pirate. For you who haven't seen this, maybe you will think that the changes are gonna be minor, such as English (US) and English (UK). It just changes the "color" to "colour", and "center" to "centre" and so on. However, the English (Pirate) is totally different. Check out the glimpsed of it. Credit: Immanuel *Sorry mate =P

And yes, it reminds me of pirate of the carribean movies. So yeah, if you are into pirate and stuff, go ahead try this language, it might be really interesting for you. For me personally, it's quite complicated. I need more knowledge about pirate phrase and term to use this language.

BTW FYI 4 POTC Fans, there will be a sequel after the third movie. So be prepared mateys, Cap'n Jack sparrow are going to be on board again. Ahoyy, bring me yer rum...yarrrrr....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Celebrity's month

Now, I hereby announce this month as celebrity month. So many things happen in this month. Even though not all of the things that I'll mention, happen in this month. Yet, coincidentally, I knew all this news in this month which is July 2009. Without further ado, let's proceed to the first news.

Jet Li is now Singaporean

Yeah I know it's a bit late. But I'm glad to inform you that Jet Li is now wearing Singapore citizenship. Even though, I'm not Singaporean, I am proud of him, maybe because I am South-East-Asian. Hope you'll enjoy tropic climate of south Mr. Li.


Michael Jackson has passed away. It doesn't affect me though. But it affects quite number of people in our lovely mother earth. Although, he lives a controversial lives, I really do hope he rests in peace. I bid thee farewell, King of Pop. Your moonwalk is awesome.

Megan fox is not a woman?

I really still cannot accept this rumor. I still remember how I mesmerized by "his/her" sexiness in Transformers. I hope she is joking about she was a he in the interview. If she really was a boy, this is a second time I infatuated to a boy, after super-sexy-legendary Thailand transvestite Nong Poy.

Leighton Meester, a second Paris Hilton

This cute innocent looking girl is not really like her looks. She (Maybe not her) just released her self-shoot sex video with her boyfriend. For you who don't know, she starred in Gossip Girl as Blair Whore-dorf. "Hope you survive in this cruel showbiz world Queen B, XOXO Gossip Girl".