Friday, June 26, 2009

BasketBall Oh BasketBall

Yesterday, when I was practicing Basketball , I realized something. It is about my Basketball skill level. It is still very far below all the great player that competed on the court. It differs so much and sucks so BAD. But still, it doesn't suck as bad as porn actress.

First of all, I would like to congratulate all of the top 15 that have been chosen, you all worth it. You have proven yourselves as the top Basketball Player. I couldn't resist to be amazed by their skill, on that friendly matches.

It's been 3 months since I started playing Basketball. It is so exciting yet tiring. Although sometime it hurts (my hands and feet are the victims), our bond seems to be closer and tighter. Maybe we'll end up getting married.

It feels so much fun when playing. The adrenaline's rushing in your body. Your heart pumps blood much more faster into your veins. It's like the entire world's being slow down, just like in matrix.

Even though I did not really want to be included in the team. But still, I longed to have great skill like my fellow friends and housemate. Maybe, that's when training and hard effort must come in my daily habits.

Hopefully, the team that has been established last night will excel in the future and win the competition. *Sigh* If I have genie right now, my very wish is improving my basketball skill.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tragic Election

CNN keeps tweeting me about presidential election in Iran. At first I didn't give a damn about this election. But when I read some scary news, like there are already some victim from the protest, against the result from the election, it makes me sad and want to write something about it.

The Candidates

These are the two "big" guys that are competing in this election, they are Ahmadinejad and Mousavi respectively. The left one wins with 62.63%, while the right guy only get 33.75% from all the votes across Iran. Both claim that they are the winner. When I see the polling, these two guys seem figuratively to be a tough guy. They have like 50 - 50 chance.

Protest by young people

There are some anomally that drives people to protest (You can read that from wikipedia). According to CNN there are 19 people died because of this protest. Ironic, election supposed to represents celebration of democracy, not funeral of the loved ones.

Candle that represents those who died

Come to think of it, soon there will be a presidential election in my homecountry. Hopefully, there will be no such a thing happen. Let's vote for peace ok? =D

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Annoying woman named Manohara

Owh man, it's been like an ages since I write my last entry. In this entry I will share about a woman that makes me annoyed through out my peaceful and serene holiday. Everywhere I went, there is always a question whether I know about her, how is her story, etc. What the heck? Am I her babysitter?


Yeah, for you who don't know her, her name is Manohara. Quite strange name eh? She is very popular in Indonesia for her story. Apparently, she is married with a Prince from state Kelantan, Malaysia, who abused her, according to her story (I don't believe the abusive part though). BTW, she is half white (bule/angmo) and half indonesian.

Manohara with her husband.

There are several oddness in her story, first, she arrived in Indonesia safe and sound without a single trail of torturement. She just showed some pictures from her phone, which is very questionable whose body in that picture. Also, when she arrived she didn't go directly to police to make some report, but else she called journalists to magnify her "sad" story.

Very fishy, isn't it?

What makes me detest her is, she with the mass were protesting in front of Malaysia embassy in Indonesia. What trick is she trying to pull? Is she going to declare a war in these two peaceful countries? What a joke. I bet people learnt from history. I hope there will no a stupid war just because of a woman, like trojan war.

Get off woman!

However, she amazes me. She is able to show her face in television for like five times daily. I myself haven't been in television untill now =p.

Luckily now I'm in Malaysia, so there will be no more annoying news about her =D.