Thursday, January 8, 2009

Manado preview

Yaaayyy, I'm so excited. It isn't because of exam that is going to be held tomorrow. But because in 4 days, I'm gonna taste Manado. Err, wait. Is Manado some cheesy creamy pastry? Or a sexy curvy chick that I'm longing to taste? (Too bad I'm not that kind of bad boy -_-")

These are definitely NOT Manado

NO, Manado is my hometown. What I'm trying to say above is that I'm gonna taste the air of my hometown again. Manado is a city (a town actually) that is located on tip of north Sulawesi. Sulawesi is K shaped island in Indonesia. Yes, I am Indonesian.

Ah, those twins are so cute together.

I remember my girlfriend said that, everytime I said "Manado", she remember some phrase from her hometown's accent which is "Mana Ado?". I know it's quite similar with Southern Malaysian's accent, they use E (or Er) instead of O which is "Mana Ade(r)?" (Truthfully, I don't know the exact meaning of that phrase in English). Okay, enough bull crap talking. Now we move on into more magazine classed article ;p

This is Manado

The main tourism spot in Manado is actually that so called "world class" Bunaken Sea Garden. This Sea garden is indeed beautiful. The view is amazingly stunning. The coral reefs under the sea are just awesome. And the sea creatures are unexpectedly amazing. It's been a long time since I've been there. Even though I just see those things from boat, it will be more freakingly amazing if you snorkell or scuba-dive there.

Come to Bunaken to prove this Scenery

The accomodation is really cheap (compare to US, European Country, and another Giant Countries in Asia). With just about US$30/day, you can get a 4star hotel that is located on the heart of the city.

Hill of Love's Monument

Another minor tourism spot in Manado is Bukit Kasih (read: Hill of Love). It symbolizes the harmony of all the tribes and religion of people who live in Manado. There is a beautiful monument on that Hill, even though it's quite *huff* troublesome to get there.

Don't you look at the stairs??*(&*(*&%@#

Because of the majority religion of Manado is Christian (I am a Christian myself), there is a new large monument called Jesus Bless located on the skirt of the city. In my opinion, it is totally ripoff of Christ Redeemer (O Cristo Redento) Monument on Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Which is now serve as one of seven World Wonders.

Jesus Bless Monument

The culinary in Manado is just awesome. Unfortunately, half of the food serve on Manado are non-halal food. There is a tasty local porridge called Tinutuan (read: Manadonese Porridge). Despite the look is very similar with *sorry* vomit. The fragrant and the taste is incomparable. It is really awesome. This food is halal food. Oh yeah, be careful eating in Manado, the food is really spicy. The spiciness is a real deal. Seriously.

Don't think anything. Just Eat

There is a terrific fact about Manadonese. They are eating dogs. I mean a real dog. How terrible for a person eating their best friend. Isn't that dog human's best friend?

I hate to admit that I am also a terrible person T-T

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