Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Julio oh Julio

Most of you maybe thinking, who the heck is this Julio? Is He a Spaniard? Or maybe Latin American? The truth is he is not a guy who speaks "Como estas?", but he barks "Woof, Woof".
Yeah, Julio is a Dog, Golden Retriever Dog. His full name is Almighty Julio. Cool is it?

Behold Almighty Julio

This is My friends' dog Almighty Julio, not so almighty as he look eh? He is a beige Golden Retriever. What the heck? He is not Gold, He is Beige. Why don't they use Beige Retriever instead? Until now, it's still mistery.

My Last Pair of sandals that trashed by Julio.

At first I don't really getting along well with Julio. Because he is a goods Biter. He already trash 3 pairs of my sandals T-T. And the most annoying thing at first is he poos everywhere. Now he poos on the backyard of my rented house, where all of our clothes are hanging. He could pee on one of the clothes without us noticing it. As the time goes by, I think and think that he just an animal, he couldn't think. Now I really pity him. He couldn't get a good nutrition and good care from its owner.

Julio with Lights

He could get shock by those electricity on those lamp. And his food, it's really unethical for breed dog. They just give large amount of preserved dog food, and when it's finished they will refill it. I mean the food maybe will not taste as good as at first they feed him. The food will taste weirder and weirder. I have one Golden Retriever Dog. She is really pretty and spoiled. And she get really good nutrition, every afternoon she will get milk. In terms of size Julio is smaller than my Ayumi.

Ayumi von Kanaka (reminds me of Serena van der Woodsen)

One thing I still very annoyed is his furs are on everything I wear, on my T-Shirt, on my Shirt, on my Pants, even on my underpants. Also his furs are conquering the couch and my blanket. I even can see the furs flying around my room. I don't understand why his furs fell around everywhere. Is that because of the nutrition? Or because of Psychological? Is dog can really become stress? ;p

Couch + Julio's furs

Even that, now i'm trying to love him. I'm still trying okay?

Cute Julio

Who will not love this cute dog anyway?


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