Saturday, January 10, 2009


Woow, what is this smell? Isn't this a smell of freedom. It was like all my burden have been cast away from my back. Even the aroma of citrus that my roomy bought, is nothing to compare with this smell of freedom ;p

See? Isn't he look peaceful?

Yeah, after a hectic exam week with all its pressure, finally I can enjoy these consecutive vacant days that is called holiday. It's a bit sad though, because I need to leave this lovely University Green apartment for awhile. In 15 hours I will board a plane to go back to my hometown. I need to bid Malaysia farewell for now.

Till we meet again

To all my dearest readers, I wish happy holiday for those who already finish their exam. I wish happy CNY for those who celebrate. And all the best for those who still have exam.

P.S: I might be not updating my blog in my hometown, due to its limicity of internet access. But I will do try to go to internet cafe to update my blog.