Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bike Corner a.k.a Yellow Corner Food Review.....

"This article is not advertisement, i write this just for fun =p"

This my second post and also my first post about food review. According to my weight, most of people will know directly that I am a food lover. That is why I couldn't resist to write this food review.

This following food review is about Bike Corner. Bike corner is located at corner on old road near Emerald Park Apartment (hostel). From here you can see how good (bad)
Emerald Park Apartment (hostel) looks like. This stall basically sells typical Malaysian food and Thai Food. Oh yeah, the food in this stall is halal.

No wonder the name is bike corner, the number of motorcycle in this stall is quite many. Even though most of it are typical Mat Rempit's motorcycle =p. On the other side of this stall there is one quite old bike. I think they named this stall bike corner because of that old bike always parks there.

I ordered
Nasi Goreng Kampung (read: Traditional fried rice [not sure =p]) and Telur Mata (read: Bull eye fried egg). The food is not bad, I woud like to rate it as 7 out of 10. The one I really like in this stall is they provide the cracker with little taste of potato (I don't know the name of that cracker =p) although just in small amount but I like it. BTW, this cracker is usually found in mamak stall. So it's just like fusion of malay stall and mamak stall =p.

My girlfriend ordered
Nasi putih + Ayam masak sambal (read: Plain Rice with Spicy Chicken). After i taste this food, it's not bad actually despite the look and its fragrant is not really that attractive. Same as above i would like to rate it as 7 out of 10. This food is quite spicy, with the spiciness of local chilly. For not onion lover, it's not recommended because indeed this food has a lot of onion, except you want to throw out all of the onion. Behold the army of onion =p.

In addition, this stall also provide
otak-otak as an appetizer or dessert. By its name we can derive the meaning of this food as brains. Maybe because of its color and shape similar with brain and they came out with otak-otak, I don't know. Also, I'm not quite sure its original nature as appetizer or dessert because I usually eat this before and after main course. The otak-otak is quite good even though many of my friend said that it's just typical otak-otak but I really enjoy eating this. They said Indonesian otak-otak is better. Honestly, I don't know, because my first experience with otak-otak was in here, Malaysia.

Okay, I think that's it for this bike corner food review, hopefully many more entries to come. And of course, don't forget to wish me luck for the Final Exam on this week =p. GOD Bless.

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  1. aargghh.............mana negh kwetiaw kungfu naaa???wakakkaaa.......
    t4 mkn favorriittttttte wong kito... =P
    apa ge nasi putih ayam sambal na....uenak... ^^v