Monday, January 19, 2009

Random Stuffs......

Ah, so many things happens since I write my last entry. I could hardly believe one week is already passed since that. Okay people, sit tight, fasten your seat belt, and save your breath, because I'm gonna tell you all this things real fast. First, there is uninteresting birthday surprise to our birthday girl, Herlina Hartanto. I think she already knew this plan, that's make it uninteresting.
Happy very belated birthday!!!!

We have a good time though, playing cards, eating fries, play dvd (although no one watch it), and the most bestest thing is printing tickets =p.

See? All the smile on their faces?

That time, in just two hours, I will ride a cab from Melaka to LCCT (Low Cost Carriers Terminal / AirAsia Terminal). I thought, I will arrive in my hometown safe and sound at that day, which is Sunday (11/12/2009). I missed the plane that I suppose to ride, even though I already checked in.

Is it real?

I really wonder, Why AirAsia's phrases is "Now, Everyone can fly"? Why don't they use "NoT everyone can fly" or "Then, Everyone can fly" instead? Because in reality, not really everyone can fly, even though they already checked in.

Who the heck is this fat guy? (Posing around ;p)

I really can't forget the man who stopped us at the gate before boarding. Even though I don't keep vengeance and already forgive him (LOL). His annoying face couldn't been swept away from my memory. We ended up buying a new ticket, but with our tricks we buy it at half price.

Some decoration for CNY at alamanda.

At last, we stayed at our dear friends' apartment at cyberjaya. It will be real pain in the ass, if we go back and forth to Melaka again. Again we have a good time, and for a first time I taste waffle Ice-cream of Waffle Stop at Alamanda putrajaya. It's really good. I would like to rate it as 8.5 out of 10.

It is good indeed.

In the following day, we get addicted with PlayFish's game which is Word Challenge. I would like to give credits to Christiana Uguy, Christian Rawis, and Yovita Zefanya Watugigir, for raising up my score.

PlayFish Rawks

Finally, we go (again) to LCCT and succeed to board a airplane hufff. It is really good to back to my lovely hometown again, thank God.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Woow, what is this smell? Isn't this a smell of freedom. It was like all my burden have been cast away from my back. Even the aroma of citrus that my roomy bought, is nothing to compare with this smell of freedom ;p

See? Isn't he look peaceful?

Yeah, after a hectic exam week with all its pressure, finally I can enjoy these consecutive vacant days that is called holiday. It's a bit sad though, because I need to leave this lovely University Green apartment for awhile. In 15 hours I will board a plane to go back to my hometown. I need to bid Malaysia farewell for now.

Till we meet again

To all my dearest readers, I wish happy holiday for those who already finish their exam. I wish happy CNY for those who celebrate. And all the best for those who still have exam.

P.S: I might be not updating my blog in my hometown, due to its limicity of internet access. But I will do try to go to internet cafe to update my blog.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Manado preview

Yaaayyy, I'm so excited. It isn't because of exam that is going to be held tomorrow. But because in 4 days, I'm gonna taste Manado. Err, wait. Is Manado some cheesy creamy pastry? Or a sexy curvy chick that I'm longing to taste? (Too bad I'm not that kind of bad boy -_-")

These are definitely NOT Manado

NO, Manado is my hometown. What I'm trying to say above is that I'm gonna taste the air of my hometown again. Manado is a city (a town actually) that is located on tip of north Sulawesi. Sulawesi is K shaped island in Indonesia. Yes, I am Indonesian.

Ah, those twins are so cute together.

I remember my girlfriend said that, everytime I said "Manado", she remember some phrase from her hometown's accent which is "Mana Ado?". I know it's quite similar with Southern Malaysian's accent, they use E (or Er) instead of O which is "Mana Ade(r)?" (Truthfully, I don't know the exact meaning of that phrase in English). Okay, enough bull crap talking. Now we move on into more magazine classed article ;p

This is Manado

The main tourism spot in Manado is actually that so called "world class" Bunaken Sea Garden. This Sea garden is indeed beautiful. The view is amazingly stunning. The coral reefs under the sea are just awesome. And the sea creatures are unexpectedly amazing. It's been a long time since I've been there. Even though I just see those things from boat, it will be more freakingly amazing if you snorkell or scuba-dive there.

Come to Bunaken to prove this Scenery

The accomodation is really cheap (compare to US, European Country, and another Giant Countries in Asia). With just about US$30/day, you can get a 4star hotel that is located on the heart of the city.

Hill of Love's Monument

Another minor tourism spot in Manado is Bukit Kasih (read: Hill of Love). It symbolizes the harmony of all the tribes and religion of people who live in Manado. There is a beautiful monument on that Hill, even though it's quite *huff* troublesome to get there.

Don't you look at the stairs??*(&*(*&%@#

Because of the majority religion of Manado is Christian (I am a Christian myself), there is a new large monument called Jesus Bless located on the skirt of the city. In my opinion, it is totally ripoff of Christ Redeemer (O Cristo Redento) Monument on Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Which is now serve as one of seven World Wonders.

Jesus Bless Monument

The culinary in Manado is just awesome. Unfortunately, half of the food serve on Manado are non-halal food. There is a tasty local porridge called Tinutuan (read: Manadonese Porridge). Despite the look is very similar with *sorry* vomit. The fragrant and the taste is incomparable. It is really awesome. This food is halal food. Oh yeah, be careful eating in Manado, the food is really spicy. The spiciness is a real deal. Seriously.

Don't think anything. Just Eat

There is a terrific fact about Manadonese. They are eating dogs. I mean a real dog. How terrible for a person eating their best friend. Isn't that dog human's best friend?

I hate to admit that I am also a terrible person T-T

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Julio oh Julio

Most of you maybe thinking, who the heck is this Julio? Is He a Spaniard? Or maybe Latin American? The truth is he is not a guy who speaks "Como estas?", but he barks "Woof, Woof".
Yeah, Julio is a Dog, Golden Retriever Dog. His full name is Almighty Julio. Cool is it?

Behold Almighty Julio

This is My friends' dog Almighty Julio, not so almighty as he look eh? He is a beige Golden Retriever. What the heck? He is not Gold, He is Beige. Why don't they use Beige Retriever instead? Until now, it's still mistery.

My Last Pair of sandals that trashed by Julio.

At first I don't really getting along well with Julio. Because he is a goods Biter. He already trash 3 pairs of my sandals T-T. And the most annoying thing at first is he poos everywhere. Now he poos on the backyard of my rented house, where all of our clothes are hanging. He could pee on one of the clothes without us noticing it. As the time goes by, I think and think that he just an animal, he couldn't think. Now I really pity him. He couldn't get a good nutrition and good care from its owner.

Julio with Lights

He could get shock by those electricity on those lamp. And his food, it's really unethical for breed dog. They just give large amount of preserved dog food, and when it's finished they will refill it. I mean the food maybe will not taste as good as at first they feed him. The food will taste weirder and weirder. I have one Golden Retriever Dog. She is really pretty and spoiled. And she get really good nutrition, every afternoon she will get milk. In terms of size Julio is smaller than my Ayumi.

Ayumi von Kanaka (reminds me of Serena van der Woodsen)

One thing I still very annoyed is his furs are on everything I wear, on my T-Shirt, on my Shirt, on my Pants, even on my underpants. Also his furs are conquering the couch and my blanket. I even can see the furs flying around my room. I don't understand why his furs fell around everywhere. Is that because of the nutrition? Or because of Psychological? Is dog can really become stress? ;p

Couch + Julio's furs

Even that, now i'm trying to love him. I'm still trying okay?

Cute Julio

Who will not love this cute dog anyway?


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bike Corner a.k.a Yellow Corner Food Review.....

"This article is not advertisement, i write this just for fun =p"

This my second post and also my first post about food review. According to my weight, most of people will know directly that I am a food lover. That is why I couldn't resist to write this food review.

This following food review is about Bike Corner. Bike corner is located at corner on old road near Emerald Park Apartment (hostel). From here you can see how good (bad)
Emerald Park Apartment (hostel) looks like. This stall basically sells typical Malaysian food and Thai Food. Oh yeah, the food in this stall is halal.

No wonder the name is bike corner, the number of motorcycle in this stall is quite many. Even though most of it are typical Mat Rempit's motorcycle =p. On the other side of this stall there is one quite old bike. I think they named this stall bike corner because of that old bike always parks there.

I ordered
Nasi Goreng Kampung (read: Traditional fried rice [not sure =p]) and Telur Mata (read: Bull eye fried egg). The food is not bad, I woud like to rate it as 7 out of 10. The one I really like in this stall is they provide the cracker with little taste of potato (I don't know the name of that cracker =p) although just in small amount but I like it. BTW, this cracker is usually found in mamak stall. So it's just like fusion of malay stall and mamak stall =p.

My girlfriend ordered
Nasi putih + Ayam masak sambal (read: Plain Rice with Spicy Chicken). After i taste this food, it's not bad actually despite the look and its fragrant is not really that attractive. Same as above i would like to rate it as 7 out of 10. This food is quite spicy, with the spiciness of local chilly. For not onion lover, it's not recommended because indeed this food has a lot of onion, except you want to throw out all of the onion. Behold the army of onion =p.

In addition, this stall also provide
otak-otak as an appetizer or dessert. By its name we can derive the meaning of this food as brains. Maybe because of its color and shape similar with brain and they came out with otak-otak, I don't know. Also, I'm not quite sure its original nature as appetizer or dessert because I usually eat this before and after main course. The otak-otak is quite good even though many of my friend said that it's just typical otak-otak but I really enjoy eating this. They said Indonesian otak-otak is better. Honestly, I don't know, because my first experience with otak-otak was in here, Malaysia.

Okay, I think that's it for this bike corner food review, hopefully many more entries to come. And of course, don't forget to wish me luck for the Final Exam on this week =p. GOD Bless.

Monday, January 5, 2009

First and Foremost.......

Yay, I just started my blog.....

Yeah, I know it's kinda late, but never mind...

Anyway, exam is coming to our (not so) lovely Multimedia University...

Time to study hard again...

Time to sit on those cold hall again..

Time to hear those crappy announcement before we start the examination...
But there is a good thing when exam week is coming. It means it's nearly time to go back to my lovely Hometown Manado. Thanks to Airasia, for making a new route from KL to Manado. It's really convenient. Back then, I need to make 12 hours to sleep on my other bed, but now it only takes 4 hours =p.

I remember when I left by the plane from Jakarta to Manado. It really sucks, I mean I must
wait until the next morning to board on the plane with addition of Rp500.000.Grrrrr......

Anyway, All the best for our exam, and GOD Bless