Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Gifts!!!

Woohoo, I am so glad after came back from Christmas party! Even though I like last year food better. I like Christmas party this year more, because I got Christmas gifts this year. Here ya go, these are the gifts.

1. A Pen from my CG Leader James Chong. I really need pen. I never use pen in class since my Beta year..haha... Thank You James! =D

2. Christmas Card from Jou Chean. I really appreciate this, especially all the written notes inside. It's been a while since I got my last Christmas card.hehe.. Thank You Jou Chean! =D

3. A Christmas tree decoration from Sylvester & YiLing. I never get this kind of gift before. I'll treasure this. Thank You Sylvester & YiLing! =D

4. Three peanut cookies with chocochips inside from Sha & YiKheng. Those are really awesome cookies. I bet those are homemade. Too bad, I cannot get the picture of the cookies because I finished all of them.hehe. That's the picture of the Christmas Note on the cookies. Thank You Elisha & YiKheng! =D

5. A Ferrero Rocher and a Chupa Chups from Elvina and Elysia. Those are my favourites chocolate and lollipop. There's no real gift picture since there's nothing remained. That's the first thing I ate when I got home.hehe. Thank You Elvina & Elysia! =D

I really Thank God for these awesome brothers and sisters....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Do it anyway......

Sometimes I feel depressed, I don't know why, even though I did good, I didn't feel rewarded after that. And then I came across this quote, this is one of the things that keep me going.

People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway.

What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.

Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.

In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.

by Mother Teresa. God Bless her soul.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Ah, I opened friendster just now, and found old picture. It makes me thinking about my old time.Without further ado, here ya go, the first picture.

This is high-school picture, I miss White-Grey uniform and my small class consists of 10 people. It's funny the guys consist of 8 people while the girls just two. What a balance huh?.*Sigh* Maybe I will bring my high-school uniform to wear in my Uni when I get back to Manado.

Foundation in IT, that's goooodd time, live a free life. Sleep in the morning wake up in da evening. In degree level is so different, you can't play around anymore. This is my first and only ISS (International Student Society) night by the way. Go International Student.haha.

It's better for me to get back to the present now.....LOL.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Disadvantages of being Introvert

As you all know, I am an introvert guy. Even though I am not that introvert, I still classified myself as introvert. In my opinion, all extrovert people out there have an upper hand, because they can do anything they want, and have so many friends.*sigh*. Before move on to the disadvantages point by point, let me introduce you the main cast for the sketch represent each points.*drum rolls*. Ta - Da.

They are twins by the way. Both of them are nice guy, but they are oxymoron to each other. Their personality is 180 degrees different. Okay, enough crap. This is the first disadvantages for being introvert.

1. Couldn't express their true preference

They just follow what others decide for them, because they easily go uneasy.LOL. Whereas, the extrovert guy seems so free to express their true preference or intention. Introvert guy usually okay with anything, though this leads to dishonesty.

2. Looks Arrogant

When people greet the introvert guy, especially not so close people, it's quite rare for them to reply the greeting unless they are really close or they are sure, that person greets them. The person may think that this introvert guy is really arrogant, which in reality he is really shy, and afraid to be embarassed.LOL

3. Being Awkward in front of girl he likes

Most of the extrovert guys usually have been dated for numbers of times, whereas most of the introvert guys have been dated just once or never in their lifetime. This is because they feel awkward in front of the girl they like, that leaves bad impressions to that girl.

Those are the disadvantages of being introvert guy based on own experience. Hope you gained knowledge. Ya Ha!

Friday, November 13, 2009

To Write Love on Her Arms

A couple of months ago, I found out about this great non-profit organization, called "To write Love on Her Arms" or TWLOHA as short. This organization basically prevents suicide which helps the addicted people and who depressed and thought that there is no hope in this world. In my opinion all the emo people (not including emo scene/ fake emo), become depressed because they think they are unwanted and they are not loved. They think that the whole world is going against them.
Love is needed, yeah, we need to show love to that kind of people. We need to show that NOT the whole world is going against them. This becomes my concern lately, because in my University at least one student committed suicide annually. This problem might not be happened if we showed Love to our friends.Sorry if it sounds like a preaching, I just wanna share with you guys, who are yet to know about this issue. I believe there are many people out there who feels unwanted or unloved that needed our help. Yes, You are Loved.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random goodies

At last, my mood to update my blog is back. But I'm not certainly sure that will be updating soon in the future. LOL. By the way, Buon Compleanno to mi padre. Even though it's yesterday, I really do want to extend my wish here. Hope you are always healthy and be blessed always. I really wish that I could join the soirée that my family could have, not stuck here writing blog on my pitiful lappie. Oh well, this is what french say, c'est la vie. (Sorry for having 4 European languages right at beginning =P)

Happy 41st birthday Dad!

It's very unsuitable for a nocturnal creature, like me, to have free time on day time. Since I can't get fired up to do all the assignment especially to do 'the 3-dreadful-letter-you-know-what'. However, it's quite fun though to have all the activities packed in night (which are aCt practice and class). It's fun to be in aCt practice after all, though sometimes it's quite tiring to have it in the night time. Nevertheless, I'm so excited for the coming aCt3 "Run Isaac!", hope y'all come and witness it.ROFL.

Do come and witness it =P

Arghh, it's better for me to stop procrastinating and start doing 'the 3-dreadful-letter-you-know-what'.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Free AAR ticket

Yeah, I got free ticket for All American Reject concert. It's such a time consuming journey, but it's worthwhile. For you who didn't know. there will be an AAR concert being held on October 10th. The good news is it's FREE! (Too bad it's just for DiGi User)

My free AAR ticket

You just need to subscribe to Digi Music and reply a short message, and that's it, you're entitled to one valuable AAR concert ticket. The sad thing is, you need to redeem it by yourself, it's quite annoying for me though, to travel 3 hours to get that ticket. Well, if you want to come, just follow the steps, the more the merrier. (For more information click here)

See ya there...

Friday, September 4, 2009

The day has come

The time finally come for 3on3 competition. The fateful day when all great teams clash on a tournament. The time to prove who is the greatest. Only the greatest shall be the victor. The more I think about it, the more butterflies came into my stomach (read: nervous). However, let's do our best on this competition. God bless sk8r boi (my team name. credits: Avril Lavigne).

P/S: This is the shortest entry I ever wrote.

We lost this tournament, it's really fun though. Thank God nobody injured.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Are you really truly worthy Apple Customer??

Yes, this is a challenge to y'all Apple Users. You can take this challenge even though you just have their "cheapest" product, iPod shuffle. Let see if your precious money that has been wasted to that company has an effect to your eyesight. Recently, Steve Job just announce the newest "iPhone 3G I" that ONLY can be seen to his loyal customer. Check out the picture.

Steve Job, exhibiting his new Gadget

I'm not sure if he is insane or just want to crack classy jokes with his admirers. However, he really did the announcement officially on San Fransisco. They claimed that this iPhone is light as air. But still, the so called Mac Book Air is not as light as Air.

Testing iPhone 3G I. I = Imaginary

I admit that Apple is a company who breaks boundary of technology, but to announce this, is just like tricking a little kid, who is not even a kid anymore. In other word, useless. So here are the questions. Are they kidding? or Am I really not able to see this thing? Can you see this "iPhone 3G I"? If you have time just leave the answer on comment-box below, or shout-out-box on the left.

Insane Crowd

In my opinion, Apple has still got tricks that is hidden beneath their sleeves. They are respected company after all. They are indeed releasing some fresh stuff to our world. Wanna some fresh apple? (Source:The Onion)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ahoy mateys, bring me yer rum...yarrrrr....

This is a language selection on facebook. What I want to highlight is the new division in English. Apparently, there is a new English called Pirate. For you who haven't seen this, maybe you will think that the changes are gonna be minor, such as English (US) and English (UK). It just changes the "color" to "colour", and "center" to "centre" and so on. However, the English (Pirate) is totally different. Check out the glimpsed of it. Credit: Immanuel *Sorry mate =P

And yes, it reminds me of pirate of the carribean movies. So yeah, if you are into pirate and stuff, go ahead try this language, it might be really interesting for you. For me personally, it's quite complicated. I need more knowledge about pirate phrase and term to use this language.

BTW FYI 4 POTC Fans, there will be a sequel after the third movie. So be prepared mateys, Cap'n Jack sparrow are going to be on board again. Ahoyy, bring me yer rum...yarrrrr....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Celebrity's month

Now, I hereby announce this month as celebrity month. So many things happen in this month. Even though not all of the things that I'll mention, happen in this month. Yet, coincidentally, I knew all this news in this month which is July 2009. Without further ado, let's proceed to the first news.

Jet Li is now Singaporean

Yeah I know it's a bit late. But I'm glad to inform you that Jet Li is now wearing Singapore citizenship. Even though, I'm not Singaporean, I am proud of him, maybe because I am South-East-Asian. Hope you'll enjoy tropic climate of south Mr. Li.


Michael Jackson has passed away. It doesn't affect me though. But it affects quite number of people in our lovely mother earth. Although, he lives a controversial lives, I really do hope he rests in peace. I bid thee farewell, King of Pop. Your moonwalk is awesome.

Megan fox is not a woman?

I really still cannot accept this rumor. I still remember how I mesmerized by "his/her" sexiness in Transformers. I hope she is joking about she was a he in the interview. If she really was a boy, this is a second time I infatuated to a boy, after super-sexy-legendary Thailand transvestite Nong Poy.

Leighton Meester, a second Paris Hilton

This cute innocent looking girl is not really like her looks. She (Maybe not her) just released her self-shoot sex video with her boyfriend. For you who don't know, she starred in Gossip Girl as Blair Whore-dorf. "Hope you survive in this cruel showbiz world Queen B, XOXO Gossip Girl".

Friday, June 26, 2009

BasketBall Oh BasketBall

Yesterday, when I was practicing Basketball , I realized something. It is about my Basketball skill level. It is still very far below all the great player that competed on the court. It differs so much and sucks so BAD. But still, it doesn't suck as bad as porn actress.

First of all, I would like to congratulate all of the top 15 that have been chosen, you all worth it. You have proven yourselves as the top Basketball Player. I couldn't resist to be amazed by their skill, on that friendly matches.

It's been 3 months since I started playing Basketball. It is so exciting yet tiring. Although sometime it hurts (my hands and feet are the victims), our bond seems to be closer and tighter. Maybe we'll end up getting married.

It feels so much fun when playing. The adrenaline's rushing in your body. Your heart pumps blood much more faster into your veins. It's like the entire world's being slow down, just like in matrix.

Even though I did not really want to be included in the team. But still, I longed to have great skill like my fellow friends and housemate. Maybe, that's when training and hard effort must come in my daily habits.

Hopefully, the team that has been established last night will excel in the future and win the competition. *Sigh* If I have genie right now, my very wish is improving my basketball skill.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tragic Election

CNN keeps tweeting me about presidential election in Iran. At first I didn't give a damn about this election. But when I read some scary news, like there are already some victim from the protest, against the result from the election, it makes me sad and want to write something about it.

The Candidates

These are the two "big" guys that are competing in this election, they are Ahmadinejad and Mousavi respectively. The left one wins with 62.63%, while the right guy only get 33.75% from all the votes across Iran. Both claim that they are the winner. When I see the polling, these two guys seem figuratively to be a tough guy. They have like 50 - 50 chance.

Protest by young people

There are some anomally that drives people to protest (You can read that from wikipedia). According to CNN there are 19 people died because of this protest. Ironic, election supposed to represents celebration of democracy, not funeral of the loved ones.

Candle that represents those who died

Come to think of it, soon there will be a presidential election in my homecountry. Hopefully, there will be no such a thing happen. Let's vote for peace ok? =D

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Annoying woman named Manohara

Owh man, it's been like an ages since I write my last entry. In this entry I will share about a woman that makes me annoyed through out my peaceful and serene holiday. Everywhere I went, there is always a question whether I know about her, how is her story, etc. What the heck? Am I her babysitter?


Yeah, for you who don't know her, her name is Manohara. Quite strange name eh? She is very popular in Indonesia for her story. Apparently, she is married with a Prince from state Kelantan, Malaysia, who abused her, according to her story (I don't believe the abusive part though). BTW, she is half white (bule/angmo) and half indonesian.

Manohara with her husband.

There are several oddness in her story, first, she arrived in Indonesia safe and sound without a single trail of torturement. She just showed some pictures from her phone, which is very questionable whose body in that picture. Also, when she arrived she didn't go directly to police to make some report, but else she called journalists to magnify her "sad" story.

Very fishy, isn't it?

What makes me detest her is, she with the mass were protesting in front of Malaysia embassy in Indonesia. What trick is she trying to pull? Is she going to declare a war in these two peaceful countries? What a joke. I bet people learnt from history. I hope there will no a stupid war just because of a woman, like trojan war.

Get off woman!

However, she amazes me. She is able to show her face in television for like five times daily. I myself haven't been in television untill now =p.

Luckily now I'm in Malaysia, so there will be no more annoying news about her =D.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Random Stuffs......

Ah, so many things happens since I write my last entry. I could hardly believe one week is already passed since that. Okay people, sit tight, fasten your seat belt, and save your breath, because I'm gonna tell you all this things real fast. First, there is uninteresting birthday surprise to our birthday girl, Herlina Hartanto. I think she already knew this plan, that's make it uninteresting.
Happy very belated birthday!!!!

We have a good time though, playing cards, eating fries, play dvd (although no one watch it), and the most bestest thing is printing tickets =p.

See? All the smile on their faces?

That time, in just two hours, I will ride a cab from Melaka to LCCT (Low Cost Carriers Terminal / AirAsia Terminal). I thought, I will arrive in my hometown safe and sound at that day, which is Sunday (11/12/2009). I missed the plane that I suppose to ride, even though I already checked in.

Is it real?

I really wonder, Why AirAsia's phrases is "Now, Everyone can fly"? Why don't they use "NoT everyone can fly" or "Then, Everyone can fly" instead? Because in reality, not really everyone can fly, even though they already checked in.

Who the heck is this fat guy? (Posing around ;p)

I really can't forget the man who stopped us at the gate before boarding. Even though I don't keep vengeance and already forgive him (LOL). His annoying face couldn't been swept away from my memory. We ended up buying a new ticket, but with our tricks we buy it at half price.

Some decoration for CNY at alamanda.

At last, we stayed at our dear friends' apartment at cyberjaya. It will be real pain in the ass, if we go back and forth to Melaka again. Again we have a good time, and for a first time I taste waffle Ice-cream of Waffle Stop at Alamanda putrajaya. It's really good. I would like to rate it as 8.5 out of 10.

It is good indeed.

In the following day, we get addicted with PlayFish's game which is Word Challenge. I would like to give credits to Christiana Uguy, Christian Rawis, and Yovita Zefanya Watugigir, for raising up my score.

PlayFish Rawks

Finally, we go (again) to LCCT and succeed to board a airplane hufff. It is really good to back to my lovely hometown again, thank God.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Woow, what is this smell? Isn't this a smell of freedom. It was like all my burden have been cast away from my back. Even the aroma of citrus that my roomy bought, is nothing to compare with this smell of freedom ;p

See? Isn't he look peaceful?

Yeah, after a hectic exam week with all its pressure, finally I can enjoy these consecutive vacant days that is called holiday. It's a bit sad though, because I need to leave this lovely University Green apartment for awhile. In 15 hours I will board a plane to go back to my hometown. I need to bid Malaysia farewell for now.

Till we meet again

To all my dearest readers, I wish happy holiday for those who already finish their exam. I wish happy CNY for those who celebrate. And all the best for those who still have exam.

P.S: I might be not updating my blog in my hometown, due to its limicity of internet access. But I will do try to go to internet cafe to update my blog.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Manado preview

Yaaayyy, I'm so excited. It isn't because of exam that is going to be held tomorrow. But because in 4 days, I'm gonna taste Manado. Err, wait. Is Manado some cheesy creamy pastry? Or a sexy curvy chick that I'm longing to taste? (Too bad I'm not that kind of bad boy -_-")

These are definitely NOT Manado

NO, Manado is my hometown. What I'm trying to say above is that I'm gonna taste the air of my hometown again. Manado is a city (a town actually) that is located on tip of north Sulawesi. Sulawesi is K shaped island in Indonesia. Yes, I am Indonesian.

Ah, those twins are so cute together.

I remember my girlfriend said that, everytime I said "Manado", she remember some phrase from her hometown's accent which is "Mana Ado?". I know it's quite similar with Southern Malaysian's accent, they use E (or Er) instead of O which is "Mana Ade(r)?" (Truthfully, I don't know the exact meaning of that phrase in English). Okay, enough bull crap talking. Now we move on into more magazine classed article ;p

This is Manado

The main tourism spot in Manado is actually that so called "world class" Bunaken Sea Garden. This Sea garden is indeed beautiful. The view is amazingly stunning. The coral reefs under the sea are just awesome. And the sea creatures are unexpectedly amazing. It's been a long time since I've been there. Even though I just see those things from boat, it will be more freakingly amazing if you snorkell or scuba-dive there.

Come to Bunaken to prove this Scenery

The accomodation is really cheap (compare to US, European Country, and another Giant Countries in Asia). With just about US$30/day, you can get a 4star hotel that is located on the heart of the city.

Hill of Love's Monument

Another minor tourism spot in Manado is Bukit Kasih (read: Hill of Love). It symbolizes the harmony of all the tribes and religion of people who live in Manado. There is a beautiful monument on that Hill, even though it's quite *huff* troublesome to get there.

Don't you look at the stairs??*(&*(*&%@#

Because of the majority religion of Manado is Christian (I am a Christian myself), there is a new large monument called Jesus Bless located on the skirt of the city. In my opinion, it is totally ripoff of Christ Redeemer (O Cristo Redento) Monument on Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Which is now serve as one of seven World Wonders.

Jesus Bless Monument

The culinary in Manado is just awesome. Unfortunately, half of the food serve on Manado are non-halal food. There is a tasty local porridge called Tinutuan (read: Manadonese Porridge). Despite the look is very similar with *sorry* vomit. The fragrant and the taste is incomparable. It is really awesome. This food is halal food. Oh yeah, be careful eating in Manado, the food is really spicy. The spiciness is a real deal. Seriously.

Don't think anything. Just Eat

There is a terrific fact about Manadonese. They are eating dogs. I mean a real dog. How terrible for a person eating their best friend. Isn't that dog human's best friend?

I hate to admit that I am also a terrible person T-T