Saturday, January 14, 2012

tl; dr I'm outta here!

Hmm there's always an end to everything. Even a great journey has to come to an end. I will really remembered the time that we had here, all the joy and the good talk. However, as we're getting matured we need to move on, which is why is the content of this blog. I'm out.

Well, not to worry really. I am not moving out or something. Contradict to what I said huh? I will move my blog to my better looking and better name website, which is I hope that I really can grow even more mature there, in the aspect of physically, mentally, spiritually. Whether it's just a brainfart or intelligent idea, sorrow or joy, tears and laughter, the dark side or the force.

Well to those who linked me somehow, or not. Please link me to my new site, and hope we all can have fun there. Or if not I'll be like the meme below...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy happy holiday~

Ahh, it's Christmas time again! I just remembered how I passed my last Christmas, time flies really fast. This year I experienced a lot of changes, I am grateful for it. Graduation, new place, new job, new friends, reunited with old folks all of them are good. Nevertheless, there are also some bad times such as, passing away of my grand mother, return of my bad habit, and also almost become jobless. Those bad times are really getting on my nerves some times, but thank God for grace!

One of the downcast moment though, is working on holiday season. All you can see is update from your friends in internet on how fun were they on that day, while you working alone at office. All in all, if you are contented everything will be seen in better perspective. Therefore everyone, from my desk I would like to wish you all a Blessed Christmas and Happy Holiday! May this season not only a jolly time but also reflection on what is the true meaning of Christmas, which is the time when God reached out to man-kind.

Go easy on food and wallet!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Patriotism, meh.

Okay, yesterday seems like the first time I watch football (or soccer to American) like a hooligan after very long time. It's a joyful moment for the side that won, and it's a tearjerker on the other side. And me, was on the sad part unfortunately. It was a moment of truth to those who are in the field. However, it seems like an eye opener for me too.

To be honest, I don't really like the fact that my country is so messed up. Maybe because I'm not as patriotic as the people that I know of in the past. I couldn't shed blood for my country. Heck, I don't even feel like to do anything either. Nevertheless, somehow after watching yesterday match, I realized something. Despite on how much I hate the fact that Indonesian is a messed up country, I am still an Indonesian. I'm a children of that soil, bred from the crops of its ground, nurtured by the guidance of its people.

Peace out!
You must be the change you want to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi